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  • $300.00 Transaction Fee

  • No monthly fees

  • No additional E&O expenses

  • 24/7 Instant Broker Support with over 50 years experience




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Hunter Clark and Nathan Mitchell

We close a ton of deals every year and a company’s fee structure was important to us. After carefully examining various brokers commission structures, none were even close to as competitive as what we found at Superlative Realty.

Shelly Tchida

I have worked with the broker team at Superlative Realty for many years. It is a great feeling to know that at any time I run into an issue or have a question I need answered, I can pick up the phone and talk it over with Jon or Gary and within 5 minutes the issue is resolved and I can get back to work with my clients.

Kathy Hansen

Superlative Realty's transaction management system is super easy to use. I can go from starting a new file to having all my documents uploaded and ready for broker review within minutes.